Tincture Product Info

Dr. Mark’s tinctures are organic, use ethanol extracted, FDA lab tested, whole plant hemp oil, organic

carrier oils chosen for the metabolic efficiency in the body, and have been used to treat a variety of

conditions generally dealing with forms of pain and inflammation.

Three organic ingredients:

Whole plant ethanol extracted, lab tested hemp oil from USDA certified organic hemp grown in Oregon

Organic Pumpkin seed or Camelina (flower) seed oil grown and processed in Oregon

Organic cinnamon or peppermint essential oil (for flavor)

Dr. Mark uses pumpkin seed and camelina seed oil as a carrier oil because both are high in Omega 3 and

this helps the body effectively metabolize the cannabinoids for maximum benefit. They are also plant

based as is the hemp oil and essential oils that are in every bottle. This means that the cannabinoids

homogenize and blend consistently and stay in solution. This insures consistent dosing and product


The testing we do is done to the highest standards. Our lab is an FDA food lab which insures they have

the right equipment to properly test and evaluate our products and what is in them. We do not publish

our test results on the website because we do not want them being downloaded and altered for other

companies to use as their own. We would be happy to send you our test results at your request so you

can purchase with the utmost confidence.

Cannabinoid based treatments are relatively new and because of Federal laws, research has been

limited for over 80 years. We attend several science conferences each year to receive briefings from

researchers in Israel, Europe, and the US to learn as much as we can about this amazing family of plants

that has been around for thousands of years and has yet to kill someone.