I have severe arthritis and have tried SO many pharmaceutical lotions. None gave me the relief that the Kusa lotion did!!! I was AMAZED at the relief that I got almost immediately. It is more than great!! I also have some dry patches on my face that I have tried several products to get rid of. After reading about the psoriasis relief I decided to put a small amount on the spots. It cleared up!! I truly can not say enough good things about KUSA. #1 FAN!!!

Maria B.

After a 10 hour day of standing up working, my left knee was swollen and sore (old sports injury). I put the hemp lotion on my knee not really expecting much relief. Twenty minutes later my partner asked “How’s the knee?” and I realized I hadn’t even noticed but the pain was gone and my mobility was back to normal. That was all the convincing I needed to use Kusa Products regularly as nothing, even a knee brace, had ever worked like that before.

Elaine H.
Oregon, 30

I had acquired a sample of this product. My wife suffers from tendonitis in her upper wrist and I have mild Plantars Fasciitis. We were skeptical of the product but were pleasantly surprised! Both our symptoms were drastically reduced after first application. I have no doubt that repeated use of the lotion will continue to decrease our issues and plan to purchase more. Thank you KUSA (and Keith M)!!!

Joe G.
Connecticut, 48

My wife has a skin condition that causes horrible itching on her legs. This product had been a Godsend! The itching has gone from unbearable to negligible within a weeks time. I can't say enough positive things regarding this product. Try it, you will NOT be sorry.

Ed L.
Massachusettes, 51

I am an 84 year old women who has been using KUSA for arthritic pain in my arms and shoulders. The pain was very bad and I had trouble sleeping and moving . Since using KUSA I'm happy to say that after applying it to the area the pain has lessened to where I am able to move and sleep with out help from aspirin. This is like a miracle to me and I'm pleased that a pleasant lotion that takes a little bit of time to massage into my arms and shoulders has done wonders for me!

Annie S.
Texas, 84

I love the topical lotion. Keith gifted me a bottle and I have had great results on aches and pains from a lifetime in the                    construction field. It helps me with controlling inflammation and daily pain management.   I'd use KUSA Products over side effect ladened big pharma products any day.

KUSA Products
Raf P. 
New Hampshire, 48

My 78 yr old mother now swears by it for her Polymyalgia Rheumatica. Uses it in the morning and at night on her thighs, arms, and neck. She can now sleep at night without leg pain keeping her up. She loves it.

Neal M.
Massachusetts , 50