Hemp Oil FAQ

1. How much do I take? Using CBD is different for everyone, so we suggest starting with two droppers a couple of hours before bed, preferably with dinner or while eating something. This will help you see how your body and metabolism will react and if the dose is too strong and you get too relaxed then you can go get a great night sleep and cut the dose in half the next day.

2. How much is in the bottle? Each bottle is made with available cannabidiol that is inherent with the strains we make the oil from. Most strains we use have 530-550 mg per bottle. There are roughly 90 droppers worth in each bottle which is ~13 mg of CBD per dropper.

3. Will I feel high? No. THC is what makes you feel high, not CBD.

4. What else is in the bottle besides CBD? There is CBD oil extracted from organic hemp, a carrier oil (pumpkinseed), and a flavoring that is organic essential oil and alcohol free. We use USDA certified organic pumpkin seed and USDA certified organic camelina seed oil as carriers. We do this because they typically do not go rancid like hemp seed oil can and the high omega 3 content helps our liver metabolize the CBD more effectively. The flavors are organic essential oils and alcohol free.

5. Are your products and their ingredients safe? Yes. We use organic plant based ingredients in our medicines. Cannabinoids have not killed a living creature in recorded history. Everything is tested by Dr. Mark before it goes into production, and we follow clear simple recipes to insure consistent product production.

Thanks again for giving Dr. Mark’s a try. Years of R&D and trials using cannabinoids based therapies are inside every bottle. We work very hard to keep things simple, clear, and concise. The cannabis plant is an amazing plant whose healing properties are only just beginning to be understood.

Dr. Mark’s works to cut through the noise, provide complete transparency with our products, and provide a safe, alternative, plant based treatment option for a variety of conditions without the list of side effects that accompany synthetic man made options.

If you want to do your own research, use what we use – PubMed. It is the largest collection of medical research in the world with over 27 million citations of biomedical information. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/ is the URL so you can start your own research.

We do not comment on other CBD products and stand behind the science and trial data we have as to the effectiveness. We focus on making the best medicines we can from methods we develop, we test everything, and we follow the science. Our employees test everything on themselves before it goes into production.

For more information about us and how we started, click on the About Us link.