You have just installed a SOHO router in your customer's home and the owner has called you saying that Internet gaming is too slow. The customer is using a wireless connection to the network. What are the possibilities you might consider in order to speed up the customer's gaming experience?

Accepted Solution

Answer: Step-by-step explanation: Wireless comunication can be improved on several ways. From the software side and from the hardware side.First, is good to know that Wifi protocol provides a latency that can go from 10 ms to 40 ms, on the best scenarios. This is natural from it, so it should be taken in account. The only way to avoid this, is using a wired connection.From the software side, WiFi protocols works on Channels, this are predetermined frecuencies on which the same WiFi signal can travel. Several sources nearby on a same Channel can cause interference, so a good way to avoid latency is to switch to another less poblated Channel. Routers Manufacturers can set all their devices to work on a same channel, so several costumer which those devices can cause inteference between each other if they are near.From hardware, the WiFi is affected by the environment, walls can damp the signal by a significative percentage, so it is good to have a Line Of Sign between the user and the Wifi Source.Also, cables and electric conductors can cause interference too. All conductor which a current passing through it will generated a Magnetic Field (Ampere's Law), this will inteference with the Wifi signal also. Bigger Electric Devices, like washmachines and heater can cause lot of inteference.So, to speed up the gaming experience, can be the following:Switch the Channel to another less used.Make sure the device has Line of Sight with the RouterCheck the Router is not near from any electric device that could be causing interference.If the above is not enough, use a wired connection.