Dr. Mark’s, KUSA brand lotions, and Crude Oil are the creation of Mark Mac Auley. Mark is not a physician in real life, but the name was a nickname that stuck after people were asking about ‘Dr, Mark’ and what new creations he was working on to help people live better healthier lives through the use of cannabinoid based products.

Dr. Mark was a licensed medical marijuana caregiver in Maine before he moved to Oregon and started a line of lotions to treat pain topically vs. smoking or vaping cannabis. Dr. Mark discovered that there were a number of patients who did not like smoking cannabis for a variety of reasons and set out to see what else you could do with cannabinoids. As he is fond of saying – ‘You don’t take a shower when you get your hands dirty’ referring to the all over body high and psychoactive effects of some cannabinoids vs treating targeted areas of the body.

It all started when Dr. Mark’s mom asked him to look into cannabinoids to help her treat her psoriasis (which Dr. Mark has too). That one request turned into years of research and development to come up with ways to help treat a broad array of ailments and conditions using cannabinoids.

Dr. Mark’s products have been developed by following science. Studying the science behind plant genetics of both cannabis and hemp, expressions of phenotypes, and medicinal compounds like terpenes and cannabinoids. We study dietary science, skin science, the body’s metabolism, organs, and systems down to a cellular level. Each product goes through multiple formulations to determine effectiveness, and then is tested by Dr. Mark himself for consistency and flavors to insure the supplements taste as pleasant as possible without loading them with sugar, artificial colors, and other unhealthy compounds. Then the products are tested at an FDA approved food testing lab for potency, pesticides, and to insure the products are consistent, sound, and ultimately safe. After the products are vetted by him for quality, Dr. Mark solicits additional feedback from his patients who have conditions that would benefit from his products, and their feedback is noted as validation that the products work as advertised before they are released to the general public.

Dr. Mark is advised by a scientist who brought the most complex drug in the FDA’s history from discovery through synthesis and ultimately FDA approval. This insures that the products are following accepted protocols and sound science, in spite of our products not being approved by the FDA and not designed to treat, cure or prevent any disease. It also insures consistent dosing, that the science behind the products is validated, and keeps Dr. Mark honest.

Mark is a graduate of Keene State College and has degrees in Psychology and Chemical Dependency, and is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict for more than 25 years. He eats organic, stays away from wheat dairy and sugar grows his own cannabis that he gives away to veterans, and is personally committed to helping others every day.

We hope you enjoy KUSA®, Crude Oil®, and Dr. Mark’s® products and that they help you live a better healthier life.